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How to have a Xanax prescription

You have probably heard about Xanax as an excellent anxiolytic, but it is also a muscle relaxant. Despite this reputation for effectiveness, many doctors are still reluctant to prescribe, because it has side effects. If this is the case of your GP, you will have to show him that you really need Xanax to fight your anxiety.

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  1. Talk to your doctor about your anxiety. Anxiety can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying condition. That’s why your GP will ask you questions and ask you questions. Anxiety can be explained, for example, by a real neurological problem, but it can also be a side effect of a medication you take.
  2. Describe all your symptoms. It is always difficult to describe an anxiety and the fallout it may have, but to make a good diagnosis, your doctor needs to know everything. The ideal would be to keep a detailed diary of your dark periods by specifying your negative thoughts and the impact they have had on your daily life (impossibility to appreciate the present time, difficulty going out).
  3. Ask to see a psychiatrist. After auscultation, your doctor will definitely recommend a psychiatrist because he is in the best position to prescribe the right drugs, even if a GP is able to prescribe Xanax. If he forgot to write you a letter of recommendation, do not forget to remind him[2,3].
  4. Describe your symptoms to the psychiatrist. Faced with the latter, you will have to explain your symptoms again. Do not forget to mention what impact this anxiety has on your social or professional life[1].
    Faced with the psychiatrist, you must feel confident to be able to say everything, dialogue is essential. If the current does not pass, it is better to change the practitioner[1].
  5. Have a prescription prescribed. It will be necessary to show a little subtlety, otherwise the practitioner will believe that you have come to see him for you to prescribe Xanax. However, it is not forbidden to ask for the medicine you want.
    So, you could slip a sentence like this: “I’ve heard about Xanax and I’ve been told it’s great for treating anxiety[5]. What do you think ? ”
    Do not start your visit by addressing the issue of Xanax prescription head-on. Start by describing your symptoms at your request and then spread a word about a possible Xanax prescription.
  6. Ask to have Xanax to sleep better. It is a way of bending the doctor who is in front of you. Tell him that you have trouble sleeping because of this anxiety. It is true that some people take it before going to bed. Again, do not start the question right away. Begin by describing your insomnia problem, then slip a word on a possible Xanax prescription [2].

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